Javascript Binding

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How do I make an javascript binding?

What is a javascript binding? How do you make a javascript binding? This script and codes were developed by Dave on 17 September 2022, Saturday.

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Javascript Binding - Script Codes HTML Codes

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html >
<head> <meta charset="UTF-8"> <title>Javascript Binding</title>
<body> <script src="js/index.js"></script>

Javascript Binding - Script Codes JS Codes

'use strict';
var characters = ['Ned Stark', 'Cat Stark', 'Jamie Lanister', 'Theon Greyjoy'];
var starks = ['Ned Stark', 'Cat Stark', 'Filthy Stark'];
var isInArray = function isInArray(arr, item, x, y) { console.log('arr', arr); console.log('item', item); console.log('x', x); console.log('y', y); return arr.indexOf(item) > -1;
// Both render the same
// console.log(characters.filter(character => isInArray(starks, character)));
// in this case only 2 arguments are passed to `isInArray()` the arguments we specify
// console.log(characters.filter(isInArray));
// in this case filter calls `isInArray` with 3 arguments. `item`, `index` and the `array` (characters). It returns nothing of value because they are in the wrong order and it doesn't have access to `starks`.
// console.log(characters.filter(isInArray.bind(null, starks)));
// in this case the second argument `starks` is pushed in as the first argument to `isInArray` and is preceded by the other 3 in the eg above.
// so you get `starks`, `item`, `index` and the `array` (characters)
// Bind method creates a new function that will call the original method (isInArray) but with some of the arguments already fixed. (starks)
// The call to bind returns a function that will call isInArray() with `starks` as the first argument followed by any remaining arguments given to the bound function.
`bind` for currying
var greet = function greet(gender, age, name) { var salutation = gender === 'male' ? 'Mr.' : 'Ms.'; return age > 25 ? 'Hello, ' + salutation + ' ' + name + '.' : 'Hey ' + name + '!';
// We are passing null because we are not using the 'this' keyword in our greet function.
var greetAnAdultMale = greet.bind(null, 'male', 45);
var greetAYoungster = greet.bind(null, '', 16);
// console.log(greetAnAdultMale('John Hartlove')); // 'Hello, Mr. John Hartlove.'
// console.log(greetAYoungster('Alex')); // 'Hey, Alex.'
`Bind` to set `this`
var user = { data: [{ name: 'T. Woods', age: 37 }, { name: 'P. Mickelson', age: 43 }], showData: function showData() { console.log([0].name + ' ' +[0].age); }, showData2: function showData2() { return function () { console.log([0].name + ' ' +[0].age); }.bind(this); }
// Without bind this will fail, `Cannot read property 'data' of undefined`
var showDataVar = user.showData.bind(user);
var showDataVar2 = user.showData2();
var cars = { data: [{ name: "Honda Accord", age: 14 }, { name: "Tesla Model S", age: 2 }]
// We can borrow the showData () method from the user object we defined in the last example.
// Here we bind the user.showData method to the cars object we just created.
cars.showData = user.showData.bind(cars);
cars.showData(); // Honda Accord 14
Javascript Binding - Script Codes
Javascript Binding - Script Codes
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