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How do I make an eunice a?

What is a eunice a? How do you make a eunice a? This script and codes were developed by Edwin Jaquez on 01 October 2022, Saturday.

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<!DOCTYPE html>
<html >
<head> <meta charset="UTF-8"> <title>Eunice A</title>
<body> <html>
<h1>Well Hi There!</h1>
<body bgcolor="#5CB3FF"> <style>
h1 { text-align:left; color:pink } </style>
<h1>I'm Eunice Adu-Agyei...</h1>
<p>I'm a somewhat-fun-thirteen-year-old girl who likes to talk with people and what not. But that's not everything you'll know about me. I'm just teenager who tries to change for the best, but I had a big reason. Let's just say I'm very different from everyone else. But I wasn't alone when I found out everyone is. </p> <style>h2 { text-align:left; color:pink } </style>
<h2>So anywayyyyys</h2>
<p>Welp,since we get over da feels, we can da stuff I like:So let's get to it! The only things I like to do for fun is...Listening to Ecosmith!</p>
<img src=""width="250"Height="250"/>
<p>And other music in Pandora like Michael Jackson,Justin Bieber's new songs like "Sorry".</p>
<p>My favorite foods/restraunts will go in a list, k,now pay attention!;)
<p>Chipotle is totes one of my favorite stores. They have burritos,bowls,everything! Maybe you should try it one day!
<img src=""/>
Applebees is sooooo good because my family often go there for special occsions.
<img src=""/>
<a href=""/>
Go there if you want to</a>
Dave and Busters is the only place I can go fun(not dat Chuck E. Cheeses junk!)It's mad awesome there,you have to see it!
<a href=""/>You also go there for fun</a>
<p>So that's everything I guess.Enjoy the links!</p>
Eunice A - Script Codes
Eunice A - Script Codes
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Developer Edwin Jaquez
Username ejbronze
Uploaded October 01, 2022
Rating 3
Size 2,203 Kb
Views 20,240
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Edwin Jaquez (ejbronze) Script Codes
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