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Mapbox centred
Linking Dots
Responsive Modal
Social Tab Menu
Doom screen wipe effect
Easy pie chart admin panel
Fitted Color Grid
CSS Domino Loader
Responsive vertical navigation
Tap dropdown fix alt
Extending Scoreboard.js
A Pen by Patrick Metcalfe
Pure CSS post-it note animation
Annoying Fairy Selector
3 Column Layout
Accordion Menu
A Pen by Matt Porter
Flexbox Responsive Grid Playground
The Box Model
Process bars
Form Validation
Direction aware image gallery effect
Frame.io button exploration
Click event return false to disable details view
Pointless Rider
Contact Page CSS3 Transation
A Pen by Pedro Campos
Cards and stuff
Mapbox with Retina support
Supplement Page
Gradient Hover Transition on Buttons
IOS Count notification
Loading Spinner
Vue Js Component Two Way Data Binding
A Pen by nenad
Responsive Facebook Like Box
The Verge related articles layout
CSS Timeline
Centering a div within a div, horizontally and vertically
Click to Tweet links for Blogger
Frame Patterns
Responsive radio tabs
CSS3 only classic Gameboy
Ember.js Starter Kit
Webkit Glass Effect
Pure CSS Social Widget
Angular responsive comment system
Justified List Centered with Flex
Responsive Checkout Progress Bar
WP Mobile Menu Toggle
Bootstrap Flat User Profile Interface UI
Rose pattern
Live Events Hero 2
Favicon Generator
Time, all over the solar system
Price table 2
Sketch.js Demo
Box Model
Background peek-through
Back to the Future Button
A Pen by coolok
Navbar with Hover Effect
Zoom any content or image.
Layout with a fixed footer
Translucent border with notch.
A Pen by james smith
My Tic Tac Toe Game
CSS Shapes with Sass
Confirmation button
Circle reveal animation
A Pen by Monchito
A Pen by Keegan Street
Mobile bubble menu
Magic Numbers Game
CSS Stacked Paper Effect
Zelda Majora
SO Ekonomoi
A Pen by bubbaJackson