Todo List with react

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How do I make an todo list with react?

What is a todo list with react? How do you make a todo list with react? This script and codes were developed by Mohammed Fawzy on 26 January 2023, Thursday.

Todo List with react Previews

Todo List with react - Script Codes HTML Codes

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html >
<head> <meta charset="UTF-8"> <title>Todo List with react</title> <link rel='stylesheet prefetch' href=''> <link rel="stylesheet" href="css/style.css">
<body> <div id="app" class="app"></div> <script src=''></script>
<script src=''></script>
<script src=''></script> <script src="js/index.js"></script>

Todo List with react - Script Codes CSS Codes

body{ background-color: #66CCFF; font-family: sans-serif;
.app { text-align:center; margin-top:40px
.input-style{ width:40%; margin:auto; display:inline-block; margin-right:10px
.todoListMain .theList { list-style: none; padding-left: 0; width: 255px; margin: 30px auto;
.todoListMain .theList li { color: #333; background-color: rgba(255,255,255,.5); padding: 15px; margin-bottom: 15px; border-radius: 5px;

Todo List with react - Script Codes JS Codes

"use strict";
function _classCallCheck(instance, Constructor) { if (!(instance instanceof Constructor)) { throw new TypeError("Cannot call a class as a function"); } }
function _possibleConstructorReturn(self, call) { if (!self) { throw new ReferenceError("this hasn't been initialised - super() hasn't been called"); } return call && (typeof call === "object" || typeof call === "function") ? call : self; }
function _inherits(subClass, superClass) { if (typeof superClass !== "function" && superClass !== null) { throw new TypeError("Super expression must either be null or a function, not " + typeof superClass); } subClass.prototype = Object.create(superClass && superClass.prototype, { constructor: { value: subClass, enumerable: false, writable: true, configurable: true } }); if (superClass) Object.setPrototypeOf ? Object.setPrototypeOf(subClass, superClass) : subClass.__proto__ = superClass; }
var TodoItems = React.createClass({ displayName: "TodoItems", render: function render() { var todoEntries = this.props.entries; function createTasks(item) { return React.createElement( "li", { key: item.key }, item.text ); } var listItems =; return React.createElement( "ul", { className: "theList" }, listItems ); }
var TodoList = function (_React$Component) { _inherits(TodoList, _React$Component); function TodoList(props) { _classCallCheck(this, TodoList); var _this = _possibleConstructorReturn(this, _React$, props)); _this.state = { items: [] }; return _this; } TodoList.prototype.addItem = function addItem(e) { //reference to our state object's items var itemArray = this.state.items; itemArray.push({ text: this._inputElement.value, key: }); this.setState({ items: itemArray }); this._inputElement.value = ""; e.preventDefault(); }; TodoList.prototype.render = function render() { var _this2 = this; return React.createElement( "div", { className: "todoListMain" }, React.createElement( "h1", null, " Todo List " ), React.createElement( "div", { className: "header" }, React.createElement( "form", { onSubmit: this.addItem.bind(this) }, React.createElement("input", { ref: function ref(a) { return _this2._inputElement = a; }, className: "input-style form-control", placeholder: "Enter task" }), React.createElement( "button", { className: "btn btn-lg btn-success mybutton", type: "submit" }, "add" ) ) ), React.createElement(TodoItems, { entries: this.state.items }) ); }; return TodoList;
var app = document.getElementById('app');
ReactDOM.render(React.createElement(TodoList, null), app);
Todo List with react - Script Codes
Todo List with react - Script Codes
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