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How do I make an online shop?

What is a online shop? How do you make a online shop? This script and codes were developed by Billy Brown on 29 September 2022, Thursday.

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Online Shop - Script Codes HTML Codes

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html >
<head> <meta charset="UTF-8"> <title>Online Shop</title> <link rel="stylesheet" href="css/style.css">
<body> <section class="shop js-shop"> <script src="js/index.js"></script>

Online Shop - Script Codes CSS Codes

select { box-sizing: inherit;
html { background: #e5eaee; box-sizing: border-box; font-family: sans-serif;
body { margin: 0;
.shop { -webkit-box-align: center; -ms-flex-align: center; align-items: center; display: -webkit-box; display: -ms-flexbox; display: flex; -ms-flex-flow: row wrap; flex-flow: row wrap; -ms-flex-pack: distribute; justify-content: space-around;
.item { background: white; box-shadow: 0 2px 5px #c5cacc; -webkit-box-flex: 0; -ms-flex: 0 auto; flex: 0 auto; margin: 1em; text-align: center; width: 15em;
.item__name { text-transform: capitalize;
.item__count-container { display: -webkit-box; display: -ms-flexbox; display: flex;
.item__add { -webkit-box-flex: 1; -ms-flex: 1; flex: 1; height: 2.5rem; line-height: 1rem; padding: 0.75rem;
.item__cost { position: relative;
/* add a name just above the field */
.item__cost::before { display: block; font-size: 0.8em; position: absolute; text-align: center; top: -6px; right: 0; left: 0;
.item__price::before { content: "price";
.item__cost { color: #59b;
.item__cost::before { content: "cost";
.item__add { -webkit-appearance: none; -moz-appearance: none; appearance: none; border: none; color: white; cursor: pointer; font-size: 1.25em; margin: 0; outline: none;
.item__remove { background: #f77;
.item__count { background: #ed6;
.item__add { background: #6d6;

Online Shop - Script Codes JS Codes

/* * Make sure to read this from the bottom up to see what's going on.
function Item(name, description, price, photo) { // Make sure that the object is accessible from at any scope inside it var _this = this; (function init() { // Initialise Item object, probably from JSON file = name; _this.description = description; _this.price = price; = photo; // Count and cost start off at 0 _this.count = 0; _this.cost = 0; // Have the wrapper, which is the node for this item _this.wrapper = null; // Their values will need to change, so keep track of them here _this.countView = null; _this.costView = null; _this.countHidden = null; _this.costHidden = null; })();
} // Update the visible and hidden fields for count and cost
Item.prototype.update = function() { var _this = this; _this.costView.textContent = poundify(_this.cost); _this.countView.textContent = _this.count; _this.costHidden.value = _this.cost; _this.countHidden.value = _this.count;
Item.prototype.addItem = function(e) { var _this = this; // Prevent button from submitting the form e.preventDefault(); // Add to the count and price _this.count++; _this.cost += _this.price; // Update the item's markup _this.update();
Item.prototype.removeItem = function(e) { var _this = this; // Prevent button from submitting the form e.preventDefault(); // Do not allow count/cost to go negative if (_this.count > 0) { // Subtract from the count and price _this.count--; _this.cost -= _this.price; // Update the item's markup _this.update(); }
// Prints the item to a container
// It's a big function with lots of similar code, but no logic.
// Counter is used for creating PHP POST variable
Item.prototype.print = function(container, counter) { var _this = this; // Create all elements that will make up the HTML element _this.wrapper = document.createElement("article"); var header = document.createElement("header"); var name = document.createElement("h2"); var nameHidden = document.createElement("input"); var img = document.createElement("img"); var desc = document.createElement("p"); var moneyContainer = document.createElement("div"); var price = document.createElement("span"); _this.costView = document.createElement("span"); var countContainer = document.createElement("div"); var remove = document.createElement("button"); _this.countView = document.createElement("span"); var add = document.createElement("button"); // Add hidden inputs that will post their data with the form _this.countHidden = document.createElement("input"); _this.costHidden = document.createElement("input"); // Using BEM for Object Oriented styling/markup _this.wrapper.classList.add("item"); // Give the item a name and append the name and header to the wrapper name.appendChild(document.createTextNode(; name.classList.add("item__name"); nameHidden.setAttribute("type", "hidden"); nameHidden.setAttribute("name", "item["+counter+"][name]"); nameHidden.setAttribute("value",; header.appendChild(name); header.appendChild(nameHidden); header.classList.add("item__header"); _this.wrapper.appendChild(header); // Give the image a source, alt and title, then append to wrapper img.setAttribute("src",; img.setAttribute("alt",; img.setAttribute("title",; img.classList.add("item__img"); _this.wrapper.appendChild(img); // Now add the description desc.appendChild(document.createTextNode(_this.description)); desc.classList.add("item__description"); _this.wrapper.appendChild(desc); // Price and cost are displayed together in boxes // Use poundify function to make them into prices price.appendChild(document.createTextNode(poundify(_this.price))); _this.costView.appendChild(document.createTextNode(poundify(_this.cost))); price.classList.add("item__price"); _this.costView.classList.add("item__cost"); moneyContainer.classList.add("item__money-container"); moneyContainer.appendChild(price); moneyContainer.appendChild(_this.costView); _this.wrapper.appendChild(moneyContainer); // These inputs will hold the information to be posted to the php file _this.countHidden.setAttribute("type", "hidden"); _this.costHidden.setAttribute("type", "hidden"); _this.countHidden.setAttribute("name", "item["+counter+"][count]"); _this.costHidden.setAttribute("name", "item["+counter+"][cost]"); _this.countHidden.setAttribute("value", _this.count); _this.costHidden.setAttribute("value", _this.cost); _this.wrapper.appendChild(_this.countHidden); _this.wrapper.appendChild(_this.costHidden); // Now add + and - buttons, and count display remove.appendChild(document.createTextNode("-")); _this.countView.appendChild(document.createTextNode(_this.count)); add.appendChild(document.createTextNode("+")); remove.classList.add("item__remove"); remove.classList.add("js-remove"); _this.countView.classList.add("item__count"); add.classList.add("item__add"); add.classList.add("js-add"); // Add click event listeners remove.addEventListener("click", _this.removeItem.bind(_this), false); add.addEventListener("click", _this.addItem.bind(_this), false); countContainer.classList.add("item__count-container"); countContainer.appendChild(remove); countContainer.appendChild(_this.countView); countContainer.appendChild(add); _this.wrapper.appendChild(countContainer); // Finally, add the wrapper to its container container.appendChild(_this.wrapper);
// Create an item object and add it to the shop
Shop.prototype.addItem = function(element) { this.items.push(new Item(, element.description, element.price,;
function Shop(filename) { // Allows this keyword to be used in all contexts var _this = this; (function init() { // Get the array of items in the JSON file var items = makeXHR(filename, function(s) { return JSON.parse(s); }).items; // Initialise the list of items as an empty array _this.items = []; // Add each element to the shop items.forEach(function (element, index, array) { _this.addItem(element); }); // HTML elements for the shop _this.vatView = document.querySelector("input[name=vat]"); _this.subtotalView = document.querySelector("input[name=subtotal]"); _this.deliveryView = document.querySelector("input[name=delivery]"); _this.totalCostView = document.querySelector("input[name=total_cost]"); })();
// Print each item in the shop
Shop.prototype.print = function(container) { var _this = this; _this.items.forEach(function (element, index, array) { element.print(container, index); });
// Although inconsequential, it keeps the code grouped together and scoped
(function() { // Get the shop element in the document var shopContainer = document.querySelector(".js-shop"); // Initiate the shop object var shop = new Shop(""); shop.print(shopContainer); setCardTypeListener(); addChecks(); highlightRequired();
// Convert amount into pounds
function poundify(amount) { return "£" + amount.toFixed(2);
// Make HTTP request to a location and run the callback on its response
function makeXHR(loc, callback) { var req = new XMLHttpRequest();"get", loc, false); req.send(); // Return the result of the callback return callback(req.responseText);
Online Shop - Script Codes
Online Shop - Script Codes
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